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Having bad credit can have debilitating financial and psychological ramifications on people which is largely responsible for the increasing number of credit repair companies which specialize in helping people navigate through the complexities credit reports while offering unique ways to improve credit score. While there are many credit repair companies, getting a company that adequately satisfies all of your requirements is imperative. 

Sky Blue has built a formidable reputation as a credit repair company with a remarkable specialization in the area of helping customers understand the intricacies of laws that facilitate credit recovery. Sky Blue gives an unequivocal insight into these laws as well as unwavering support which helps to improve your credit score.

In addition to the ability of Sky Blue to help clients navigate through laws that improve credit report, they also specialize in fast-tracking dispute process. This is particularly relevant when you have a significant number of damaging items. This means that you can get these damaging disputes laid off at a quicker pace.

Sky Blue offers a distinctive benefit to people who are trying to get a mortgage by eliminating all of the bad items on your credit reports. Sky blue also helps people looking to get a car loan and an impending credit investigation by cleaning up their credit report. What’s more, Sky Blue is an inexpensive option. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sky Blue Credit Repair:

What are the processes involved in Sky Blue Credit Repair? Sky Blue refutes most of the negative things on your credit report. They would refute negative things in the report sent by the bureau which would be reflected in a newly sent dispute that would enhance the likelihood of preferred result.    

How to get involved? Getting involved is quite easy and convenient as it can be done online. All that is required for you to do is to search the website and complete the form. After you complete the form you would be notified through your mail with specific directives on how to obtain your bureau credit report. This is the starting point of our operations as the report would be thoroughly investigated and findings would be used as the commencement of the dispute for improvement. 

What is the duration of time would it take to fix my credit? Typically, fixing your credit varies and is determined by the number of items on the report. The peculiarity of your credit report would determine how long it would take to arrange. The period it would take to finish your credit card would be ascertained after investigations. 

Is there assurance of a predetermined result? While there is no assurance of a predetermined result, sky blue has a very effective refund policy for customers who have concerns about the result. However, it becomes imperative to stress that Sky Blue is irrevocably dedicated to increasing your chances of a satisfactory result. 

What are the various unfavorable things can be eliminated from the credit report? The list of unfavorable things that can be removed from your credit report is quite extensive and encompasses the following items Insolvencies, student loans, late payments, repossessions, hard inquiries, paid collections, judgments, charge-offs, and many more. The aforementioned list of items is not comprehensive as any unfavorable item can be eliminated. While this is the case, it is not a certainty. However, you can expect a remarkable job. 

Is there a chance that an eliminated item reflects on the report again?
It is possible but a highly unlikely occurrence that happens when an unfavorable item that was just eliminated from the report was confirmed by a creditor. Fair Credit Reporting Act that ensures which mandates the credit bureau notifies you before they report again a formerly eliminated listing. Fair Credit Reporting Act makers it mandatory for reports to be made within a five days period which is why it is hard for credit bureaus to report credit listings again making it an uncommon occurrence.

Where is Sky blue situated? While the services of Sky Blue is available nationwide the physical location of Sky Blue is in the southern part of the state of Florida of Boca Raton, however you can always access the company’s service through the internet or mobile device.  

What is the fee? The payment is usually set at $59 per month. However the payment would not start to count until after your first result which puts the first payment in the following month.  

Is there a reduction for family and spouses? 
There is a noteworthy reduction for spouses which are set a $99 monthly which is whooping $19 dollar reduction. Furthermore, it is not mandatory that you are married as staying together is enough criteria for this reduction.
What is the official mobile number of Sky Blue? You can contact the company through (888) 906-13251 for working periods. After working periods you can contact the company by leaving a message.

During which period of the day can I call? The most appropriate time to reach the company would be during the following hours of the week days from Monday to Thursday : 9:00 am  7:00 pm EST with an exception on Fridays which is 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST

When and how do I nullify an arrangement with Sky Blue Credit? Nullifying an arrangement with sky Blue is very easy and typically comes when you have seen major improvements that meet up to your standard. You can initiate a cancellation process by calling Sky Blue and letting them know that you no longer require the service and your account would be deactivated immediately.

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Sky Blue Credit Repair
6001 Broken Sound Pkwy NW #300
Boca Raton

+1 800-790-0445

Mon-Thurs: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm EST
Fri: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST 

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Sky Blue Credit Repair has built a solid reputation in credit repair and have demonstrated unwavering dedication to improvement of clients credit score which is why rate them at number 3 in the country. Sky blue employs relevant techniques and is holistically committed to credit score improvement.

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