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Pyramid Credit Repair Review

Pyramid Credit Repair Review
Pyramid Credit Repair is a company that provides credit repair services. The company offers high-quality services and has transparent pricing schedule. Some of the services that it offers include credit scores updates, identity theft protection and counseling on how to maintain a good credit score. Most of the processes happen online such as registration and account management.

Most avenues for accessing customer care service are also online-based such as emails, chats and live support. The company operates legally since it is registered by the Attorney General and employs licensed legal staff. Upon registration, the company issues each customer an account manager for one on one services.

Visit The Pyramid Credit Repair Website or Call Now & Take Action 1-(888) 795-7747

The Following Are Features of Pyramid Credit Repair

Transparency: Many people regard to credit repair service providers as a scam. Well, some of them are while others are quite transparent.

Pyramid Credit Repair embraces transparency on all its operations. Immediately once you sign up for the services, you are allocated a personal account manager to take you through your account details. The manager goes through all the records one by one highlighting the inaccurate ones and finally notifies you of your credit state. They then allow you to decide on whether you need their services or not.

The signing up process involves the creation of an online-based account which links to the database. You can view your account in immediately after creation. The dispute manager account is a platform where you can communicate with Pyramid Credit Repair, view analyses and results in real time and keep track of any changes in your score.

Cancellation of contract: Pyramid credit repair does not enter into a long time contact with its customers. Instead, they use the pay-as-you-go policy whereby one pays for their services on a monthly basis. The policy allows one to discontinue the contract with ease when after achieving your goals or when they feel dissatisfied with the services. If at all you feel that their services are of no benefit, you can request your money back. The company offers 100% refund guarantee if at all you are not satisfied with their services within the first 90 days.

Reputation: Pyramid holds a good reputation due to reliable services and customer satisfaction. One of their key to success is the trained specialists. The company only hires personnel who have more than three years of experience in the finance field. They then go a step further to offer in-house training to the staff which helps them deal with emerging trends in credit field.

Charges: The total cost payable for the services depends on your package details. Pyramid credit repair offers two distinct packages which are the single and the couples' plan. The distinction between the two packs lies the number of people who have access a specified account. Accounts that are accessed by only one person are categorized under single pack while those that are accessed by more than one person lie in the couples pack. The charges for couples pack are 198 dollars per month while those of single amount to 99 dollars per month. However, the company does not charge anything to accounts that are between 5-15 days old. Consultations are also free, and a client only pays the company after completion of tasks. One can make payment for the services using various methods such as the American Express, Discover MasterCard, VISA and Debit Cards.

Customer service: One of the significant drawbacks that the clients face is lack of a reputable company staff to assist in case a need arises. Unlike some other credit repair providers, the customer service personnel at Pyramid are always ready to help. The company offers numerous avenues to clients for them to seek help.These channels include phone, email, text messaging and live support. They upgrade their website frequently incorporating new options that contribute to customer satisfaction.

The customer services are also available on a 24-hour basis and in different languages. There is no need to withhold crucial information about your credit due to fear of leaking since all staff members maintain a high level of confidentiality. Some people claim that setting credit card scores into a good standing is an easy task that they can do on their own. However, there are those that consider the whole process to be complicated. One can maintain a high credit score by keeping low balances on the account and paying the bills on time. However, this is hard since many are the times that bill-paying period appears when one unaware or not ready. 

There is no need to despair if at all your bills are overdue or any other error has occurred and has affected your credit score. Pyramid credit repair comes in handy to ease your stress. With highly qualified personnel, they ensure that they solve your problem within the shortest time possible.

After signing up for the company services, you are allocated a Dedicated Dispute Manager to take you through your credit records while identifying errors and suggesting possible solutions at no cost. After the evaluation, the decision on whether you need their services lies entirely on you. If you decide that you need the services, you should choose your pack plan. The package service can lie either on the single or couple pack. You should leave all matters involving your credit record to them including dealing with credit institutions. However, it is important to track any changes to the credit score through your personalized account dashboard. One should only pay for the services after the completion of the task. If dissatisfied with the services, one can also terminate the contract and request for a refund. Refunds requests filed within the first 90 days of receiving the service mature without fail.

Apart from impeccable services, efficient customer care, and guaranteed warranty, Pyramid also gives away a bonus package to the customers. The package is sent by email to the client's address and contains a tool kit and a simple USB card. Once you get the services, you are at liberty to forward the bonuses that come with it to your friends and relatives. Get the best credit report repair assistance today from Pyramid Credit Repair, and your finances will always be in order.



Pyramid Credit Repair
17 State Street Suite 4000
New York, NY 10004
1-(888) 785-7747

Mon-Sun: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm PST

Visit The Pyramid Credit Repair Website or Call Now & Take Action 1-(888) 795-7747

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