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Lexington Law Firm Review

Lexington Law FirmLexington Law Firm is based in North Salt Lake City, Utah and has been in business since 1993. Lexington Law is a sole-proprietorship, registered to John C. Heath, Attorney. Lexington Law is not an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau, but does have an A+ BBB rating.

Lexington Law describes themselves as a general service consumer advocacy law firm.

This means they exist primarily to assist people who need help working through consumer issues. The consumer issue you see most prominently promoted on the website is credit repair.

Like most law firms, Lexington Law uses their training and familiarity with processes and laws to guide individuals toward successful achievement of their stated goals. They do not claim to have secrets that will magically fix your credit.

Lexington Law’s Organization

Headquartered in Utah, Lexington Law boasts 22 lawyers in 16 states and over 400 paralegals and agents. Lexington Law has an of-counsel relationship with one attorney in each of the following states: Arizona, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia. The California office has a different relationship. The attorney there is called a directing attorney.

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Exactly What Do They Do?

Lexington Law will:
  1. tell you how to get your credit report
  2. help you identify questionable entries on that report
  3. dispute questionable items on your behalf
  4. track the results of disputations and follow up with the credit bureaus

All three levels of service provide the basic four steps listed above. After Lexington Law submits the disputes to the credit bureaus, they check periodically to see if the questionable items were removed. If further action is required, they continue corresponding with the credit bureau until the item is removed or its validity is established.

Three Levels of Service

Services provided by Lexington Law are performed under a subscription-type plan. You pay a one-time First-work Fee of $99.95 and then a monthly subscription rate until you decide to terminate the subscription. None of the plans include any sort of litigation. Under the terms of your subscription, Lexington Law will advise you, provide forms and do a certain amount of monitoring.

There are three monthly rates corresponding to three levels of service:
  • $39.95 per month for the Lexington Regular plan. This is the basic plan that includes only the four steps listed in the previous section.
  • $59.95 per month for the Concord Standard plan. This plan adds creditor interventions in order to verify or remove entries on your credit report.
  • $79.95 per month for the Concord Premier plan. This plan adds monthly credit report evaluation, report monitoring and alerts, provision of customized form letters for inquiries, and a $25,000 identity theft insurance policy.
Lexington Law only charges you for services rendered. If they do not do anything on your case during a month, you should not be billed for that month. You should always monitor activity on accounts with service providers to insure they are actually performing the services you are paying for.

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No Guarantees

Lexington Law’s website is very clear about what you can expect from them. They acknowledge the fact that everything they do you can do yourself. They also make it clear they cannot guarantee specific results from their efforts on your behalf. They can only dispute questionable items on your credit report. If an item is valid, it will not be removed unless the creditor fails to provide validating data within 30 days of your inquiry.

Lexington Law provides a service for people who do not wish to deal with credit bureaus on their own. Having access to the experience and resources of a company like Lexington Law will make many people feel more comfortable about their chances of improving their credit.

Refund Policy

Lexington Law’s refund policy is easy to understand. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to monitor activity on your account to insure they are working to earn your money. This paragraph is from their website:

“Our refund policy is simple: If we fail to provide the agreed-upon services to you (as outlined by your selected service level) for any given month, you will not be billed for that month, or will be refunded your fees for that month if your payment has already been processed.”

Location and Contact Details

Lexington Law Firm
360 N Cutler Dr
North Salt Lake
UT 84054, USA

Sun-Sat: 8.00 am to 4.00 pm EST

Video Review

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