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Your credit is an important aspect of your life. It determines the big things you can and cannot purchase. Unfortunately, your credit score has always been super easy to access like it is nowadays. Today you can visit a number of websites that can tell you your credit score and promise to help you fix it if it’s bad. Not all of these credit repair sites are created equal. ( is among the list of websites that many people are interested in because it promises to fix your credit score. The company has been in business fifteen years and promises to identify all challenge-able credit items and contact credit bureaus to dispute them. They also aim to change the habits of their users by suggesting ways that they can raise their credit to achieve your financial goals.

The business has been repairing the credit of their consumers for than fifteen years, showing commitment to improving their clients’ ratings and their chances for financial success.

This review will help you decide whether the services that offers are worth your time and money. It will go over the features, services, process, benefits, and much more.

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Features and Services

The company has a website that they use that’s equipped with some nice client-friendly features. These include the ability to view what the firm is doing and their results. The features are available thanks to the shift to mobile technology. You can download documents to your tablet or smartphone. This lets you know the status of the negative credit items that firm is trying to have removed.

Once you’ve signed up, they’ll pull your credit reports before asking you to identify items that are to be challenged. also goes on to invite its clients to make spending changes so that your credit score can rise. uses a game plan that they design for each client to help change their client’s credit score for the better.


The number one benefit that you get from using is that you get to enjoy the opportunities and advantages that come with a good credit score. You can look into things you couldn’t before such as car loans, credit card access, and mortgage financing.

Having improved credit also has other advantages such as lower interest rates since lenders are more likely to extend credit on terms that are favorable. In some situations, it also increases your chances of having your insurance premiums reduced. Employers will also take a look at your credit score to gauge your reliability so an improved score will increase your chances of getting the job. publishes their numbers to showcase the number of benefits they’ve been able to provide to their clients. This type of transparency ensures potential clients that they can trust this firm. The company says that they see that their clients experience removal of seven percent of their negative credit items on average. The numbers that they have represent this as well.

You can also rest easy when you sign up with them as they’ve been proven to be a solid company with reputable practices. Their fifteen years of service reflect that as well.

Their reputation is a breath of relief as many in the credit repair industry have been proven to be less-than-reputable. There are a few that are going out of business due to their reputation and has drawn attention from the Federal Trade Commission.

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How Does Their Process to Repair Credit Work?

 First, you are prompted to sign up. After you’re done doing that, a team of their experts will start by going over your credit score, identifying negative items, and coming up with ways to dispute them. The approach that they use is three-pronged and consists of checking, challenging, and changing.


During the check portion of the process, analyzes your credit report. With that analysis, they customize a repair plan to fix your credit that is fitted to suit your particular situation. This process can include the correction of inaccurate information or identity theft problems. They also address any late payments, issues related to liens and judgments, and theft issues.


After reviewing all of the information you have given them access to, they will advocate on their client’s behalf to the credit companies. They will seek to challenge the negative credit items and properly communicate any updates to the credit bureaus. While they do all of this, they also are constantly watching your credit score to make sure it is accurate and current.


They don’t stop there though. They stay with you as your credit score gets better and continue to give you advice and tools to transform your bad credit habits into a process that will help you succeed in reaching your goals.

A big reason why is successful is due to their utilization of technology to provide their clients with immediate and accurate updates. They have their own dashboard that is customized for you, a score tracker, email/text alerts, and mobile apps that ensure you’re able to keep tabs on the entire process. They also offer live chat support and have a credit FAQs on their website. The dashboard is extremely useful as it lets you keep up with your credit status.   The features they have on their dashboard includes helpful bits of information like past and present credit reports, a breakdown of your credit score, and a bunch of tips on how to improve it. You can also access information on the credit items that are being disputed. You can see the results of each item, the status for each credit bureau, and the number of items that have been removed. 

The Results To Expect

The results that past members of have seen on average is 40-points gained to their credit score in four months, six negative credit items removed from their reports across a few of the major credit bureaus (this includes Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion), seven percent of the negative items removed every month from their reports, a 70-point increase by the end of a year. These gains are significant, especially for those who are looking to secure a better rate for loans or apply for a mortgage.

There are no guarantees that you’ll see the exact effect that these clients have seen but you can trust that the team of works tirelessly to get you the best possible outcome for your specific situation.

BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau shows that the firm is not facing any significant government actions. It’s also shown that the business hasn’t had a basis for any type of complaint. Given the company’s history and how past clients have reviewed it, the BBB has given an A+.

How Long Will It Take?

Your whole plan is personalized so the length of time that it takes is dependent on your specific circumstances. Factors that can determine the length of time include the number of issues with the case and your current situation. Regardless, the team at this credit repair company will work as fast as possible so that you see results.

How Much Information Do I Need To Provide?

To access your credit history, the website may ask for your date of birth, credit report account numbers, debit or credit card information, and your social security number.

How Much Money Is It Going To Be?

To set up, charges you a $12.99 fee so that they can acquire your credit reports. After that, they charge you $99.95 a month for their services. While the month-to-month payment seems steep, past clients have commented that the low setup fee offsets the monthly fee for about 3 to 4 months. In that 4 month period, clients have seen up to a 40 point increase in their score.

Is It Easy To Cancel?

A major plus is that there is no contract when you sign up with You are free to cancel their services at any time you choose without further obligations. Once you received the help you were looking for, you just cancel the service and they won’t bother you again.

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The Bottom Line

This review has revealed that the website has some very strong benefits and a long history of helping their clients achieve their goals. They check every box that makes them a trusted and reliable source. Some of those boxes include past client experience and a nice A+ rating from the BBB. The high price of the monthly payments can deter some people but those who have used the service have sworn that it’s completely worth it. If you can afford it then you should take a hard and serious look at signing up with It’s a solid provider but only you can decide whether or not it’s worth the cost. Visit their website today to find out more about what they offer and to get your credit fixed fast.

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