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The Best Credit Repair Companies 2018 - Reviews & Consumers Guide

I trust that you will agree with me when I say:

Achieving your financial and life goals is simply not possible today with a good credit score...

Or is it?

Best Credit Repair ServicesThere's no doubt about it - poor credit will cost you. Soon or later at some point in your life your credit score will be called into question for review. It's at this point that you may decided to turn towards the services of a specialist credit repair firm. 

Well, there is ONE problem. Finding that one "Legitimate" credit repair service that you can actually trust to repair and improve your credit rating isn't an easy job. 

That is why I have created a list of Best Credit Repair Companies 2018. After researching online and spending countess hours analyzing their services, I have shortlisted the top 10 credit restoration agencies currently available in the market.

The Best Credit Repair Companies 2018

Surely, these companies are not for everyone as some people may prefer to pursue the "DIY" credit repair path which you can read more about this here. 

With that said, one thing can be said for sure, these credit repair services are good enough to make our list of the top 5 best credit repair agencies 2017.

Table of contents:

  • Why your should trust me
  • Who is this guide for
  • How I selected and compared
  • My pick
  • Flaws but not deal-breakers
  • Runner-up
  • Budget pick
  • Credit repair questions 
  • DIY credit repair options

Why should you trust me

I spent over 100 hours researching credit repair companies online and then put their services to the test by asking friends and family members to trial their services whilst personally testing several myself too. I interviewed professional credit counselors from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), qualified credit repair attorneys, and industry professionals whilst drawing on my own 30 years of experience as a qualified Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). I scoured the literature on credit repair and researched the merits of hiring a professional credit repair service versus the DIY credit repair path. I read numerous reviews by professionals on sites including And by reading hundreds of user reviews on sites such as TrustPilot  recounting their first hand experience with these companies and services.

As a CFA with over 30 years experience in helping people with their personal finances I've been working and dealing with credit repair companies since the late 1980's. I've seen my fair share of fly-by-night companies come and go and know how to spot a scam when I see one. Unfortunately the industry is still rife with credit repair scammers prying on those individuals who are desperately seeking help to repair their credit rating. 

Since my information is derived directly from first hand experience and industry professionals, I am uniquely qualified to provide insightful information as well as independent and unbiased reviews. I strive to provide information that is evergreen and helpful today, rather than outdated opinions that were relevant three years ago. 

Who is this guide for

Do you want a better credit score? Do you need help to repair your credit rating? You might need a credit repair company.

Whether it's fair or not, many important decisions people make about you are based on your credit score:

  • Ever wonder why you were denied credit? Most credit card companies, banks and other finance companies want to see a credit score of at least 620 before offering to extend any credit. 
  • Every wonder why your premiums are so high? Many insurance companies (such as health, life and auto) use your score when deciding what your premium will be.
  • Ever wonder why you didn't get the job you were qualified for? More and more companies are now doing background checks into your financial situation before offering you a new job.
Credit repair is a legal way to improve your credit score. In fact the law has provision to help you do this:
  • The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACT Act) was signed into law in December 2013 and allows consumers to get one free comprehensive disclosure of all of the information in their credit file from each of the three national credit reporting companies once every 12 months. Don't get scammed by companies offer you a "free" credit report if you buy or signup for something. is a Federal Government mandated site that is completely free. 
  • If you see an errors in your report. you are legally entitled to dispute it. This is especially important if you have been a victim of identity theft. 
In order to start repairing your credit, you should understand how credit scores are calculated. The process is time-consuming, but can be done by yourself and for free:
  1. Review your credit report from all 3 agencies.
  2. Dispute any errors that negatively affect your score, such as an account you closed but the bureau thinks it is still open. In some cases, you may need to contact the original leader to request that they send an account update to the bureau.
  3. Close credit lines that you no longer use. However, you should be avoid closing accounts that have been open a long time. For example, credit cards that you've had for many years actually have a positive effect on your credit score (because it shows you have a good credit history with that lender). As a general rule-of-thumb, any account over 5 years old should be left open.
  4. Make sure that all accounts that are past due have been paid. If accounts are past due, it will keep lowering your credit score each month they remain overdue.
  5. Start establishing a history of on-time payment. Many times, people with low credit scores, don't actually have any outstanding balances! In such cases your credit score is low simply because you have not established a history of on-time payment. In such cases, apply for and use a credit line, and make sure you pay it off on-time every month. After a few months of this good payment history, you should see a significant increase to your credit score. 

Sky Blue Credit Repair Review

Sky Blue Credit RepairFor a number of reasons that will be delved into below, Sky Blue Credit ranks as my top recommended site for providing high-quality credit repair and restoration services. First created in 1989, the company has spent the last 28 years perfecting the services they offer clients in order to build a reputable name for itself as a standout among others offering the same service. Navigating the nuances of repairing credit on one’s own can be challenging, but having the expertise of professionals of a high-ranking company on your side can help to make the process proceed quickly and efficiently.

The primary perk of using this service, rather than any of the other popular credit services, is the fact that it is undoubtedly one of the more affordable companies available. Additionally, the company is able to provide individuals with their results fast, updating clients on all progress throughout the dispute process in a punctual manner.

This company review will provide a thorough account of what you should know about Sky Blue Credit Repair regarding its primary repair and restoration services, its features, as well as the major pros and cons of investing in the expertise of this company over others.

How to Use - Services

Sky Blue Credit has become a highly-ranked company in the industry for individuals to turn to in order to determine what and when to dispute items on credit reports. Unlike some other well-known companies that are only able to take on a few items at a time, Sky Blue Credit offers clients the opportunity to challenge up to 15 items - five per bureau.

Sky Blue Credit describes their primary services through three steps - getting started, review and setup, and the dispute process. While the first step simply involves getting in contact with the company, the subsequent steps involve personally analyzing each client’s credit information in order to determine items worthy of review. This is highly customized, a process designed by the professionals as a means to determine each client’s best course of action in adequately repairing or restoring their credit.

The dispute process involves the professionals efficiently challenging the client’s items with the appropriate credit bureaus. The process is quick, and results are emailed to clients right away in order to ensure clients feel involved and informed through each step of the process.

The credit professionals working on each case additionally work to customize re-disputes in cases where the items may not have been corrected as appropriate. With their expertise, successful results can then most always be achieved.

In addition, Sky Blue Credit is an affordable, efficient option for those looking to get “mortgage-ready” or otherwise get rid of inaccurate or outdated information quickly for some kind of purchase. Some of these items - old charge-offs and collection accounts - can often present barriers for individuals that are looking into purchasing mortgage, a new car, or have an upcoming credit inquiry. However, with the help of industry-leading credit repair professionals, these unfavorable items can quickly be removed or dismissed in no time.


Sky Blue offers budget-friendly service prices, and a satisfactory array of features important for any credit repair or restoration service - in order to achieve the best results, that is.

These include:
      Price: $59 setup and $59/month
      Special Couples Pricing: $99 setup and $99/month
      90 Day 100% money-back guarantee
      Personalized FICO score recommendations
      Ability to cancel at any time
      Accelerated dispute process
      Offer up to 15 credit items per 35 days (5 for each bureau)


      Accelerated results - The company boasts being the fastest in the industry to provide successful results for its clients, which can be particularly comforting to those under extreme duress with their credit.  Their accelerated dispute process works very well to get a number of items dismissed at faster rates than the company’s competitors.
      They take a personalized approach - Sky Blue Repair is very big on providing quality client service in addition to satisfactory credit results. The professionals work with each client to customize plans that meet the needs of every individual depending on their unique credit situation. Unlike some other credit companies in the industry, they are not one to stick to the mediocre bare minimum of a generalized cookie-cutter approach.
      With over 28 years of experience in the industry, the company is trustworthy with professionals that can offer clients a wealth of expertise in navigating their individual credit situations.
      Quality, Budget-Friendly Service - Sky Blue Repair offers prices for their services that are competitive with and overall more appealing than those offered by services listed lower on my list, including the similarly popular Lexington credit repair service. For clients that are looking to achieve favorable outcomes with their desired credit repair at a budget-friendly price, Sky Blue Credit is the most efficient service to turn to.
      Satisfaction Guaranteed - If for some reason you are not satisfied with the service you have received from the company after the first 90 days of your membership, they provide all clients a guarantee allowing you to receive a full refund.




Sky Blue Credit has achieved its #1 spot on my best credit repair companies list for a reason. It is comparatively affordable, high-quality, reputable, and offers a customized approach that really digs into the individual details of each client’s credit situation to maximize the chance of a successful outcome. The professions within the company work diligently and take on up to 15 items at a time, which is not the norm in credit repair and thus should not be taken for granted.

For all of these reasons, Sky Blue Credit outranks the other popular credit repair services available without a shadow of a doubt. The professionals working with you are truly able to walk you through each part of the credit repair process and offer additional tips in managing your credit in order to ensure you reap the maximum benefit from the services they are providing.

If you have the ability to turn to this company for your most imminent and important credit repair needs - as well as perhaps those not so urgent - then I highly recommend you do so to get the fastest results. 

Lexington Law Firm Credit Repair Review

Lexington Law FirmMany individuals and families have faced tough financial times over the past decade or more. As a result, often through no error or fault of their own, many are now facing moving forward with bad credit scores that are making securing loans, decent interest rates and affordable monthly payments nearly impossible. 

If you are in this situation, instead of staying stuck in a credit crisis that can end up perpetuating itself, you can seek credit repair services to help remove bad items from your credit report, such as late payments and foreclosures, to get your score headed back in the right direction. 

But as with most things these days, there are literally hundreds of services to choose from. With something as sensitive as your credit, it is vitally important to find a legitimate, knowledgeable service that can honestly explain your credit report and viable options for improving your score. 

One of the best, most trustworthy services out there is Lexington Law Firm.

Who are they

Lexington Law has been practicing since 1991. With over 26 years of experiencing legally repairing poor credit and helping clients improve their scores as well as their financial habits, they are one of the top credit repair services in the nation. 

Because they are a team of actual lawyers and paralegals trained in consumer rights and which adheres strictly to regulatory compliance, their methods are ethical and effective. They know how to legally repair consumer credit by helping individuals track down errors, inaccuracies and fraudulent items on credit reports and work with creditors and debt collectors to get those items removed. 

With the unfortunately large numbers of fraudulent and less than ethical credit repair companies out there, Lexington Law provides a solid method that can provide peace of mind to anyone using their services. 

Not only can they provide you with vast experience and legal expertise on the matter, but you can also rest easy knowing their methods will not get you into further trouble. 

Their services

Lexington Law offers their clients a variety of levels from the basics of ethical credit repair, to more thorough credit repair, monitoring, protection and even identity protection and financial coaching. 
Free services that they provide to all potential clients are
  • Free credit repair consultation
  • Free credit report summary and score 
You then have a choice of three separate credit repair “packages,” or service levels, that you can purchase: The Concord Standard, the Concord Premier, and the PremierPlus

The Concord Standard, the most basic service level, provides only:
  • Credit bureau challenges: ensures fair and accurate credit reports 
  • Creditor interventions: communication with creditors to protect your reports and scores 
  • 24/7 case monitoring through their website and mobile app 
  • Cost: $79.95 monthly 
The other two packages provide all of the above, plus additional services and benefits. 

The Concord Premier package provides: 
  • Bureau challenges
  • Creditor interventions 
  • Inquiry assist: provides legal tools necessary to challenge unfair credit damage
  • Score analysis: provides monthly detailed analysis of your credit report 
  • ReportWatch: coaching on understanding and dealing with damaging credit report items
  • TransUnion alerts: daily credit monitoring sent to you via email or SMS text
  • 24/7 case and results monitoring via website and app
  • Cost $99.95 monthly

The PremierPlus package provides everything in the Concord Premier plus:
  • Cease and desist letters: legal methods to request abusive debt collectors to stop 
  • FICO score tracker: tracks your FICO score each month based on TransUnion data
  • Identity protection: works with financial fraud protection provider to protect your identity
  • Personal finance tools: personal finance manager tool to track financial and credit accounts 
  • Cost $119.95 

Their process

After you receive your free consultation and report summary, you select which service level you want. Once you engage their services, they start to work. 

Their process is a rather straight forward three-step system, or four-step for those with the Concord Premier or above plan:
  • Intake: once you’ve secured their service, the attorneys and paralegals assigned to your case obtain and begin reviewing your credit reports in detail
  • Action: they then begin communicating with your creditors and the bureaus on your behalf to remove unfair or erroneous items as well as intervene before damaging items appear on the reports 
  • Analysis (for Concord Premier and above): they provide you with monthly credit score analysis that includes targeted, personalized methods to help you improve your score; this service also includes access to paralegals for additional coaching 
  • Follow-up: you provide them with any additional information or communication you receive from creditors and bureaus, and track the progress of your case 

Their billing process  

After your free consultation and report summary, you select the service plan you desire. 
There will be an up-front first-time fee for the initial work to get your case started, which you will be charged approximately 5-15 days after securing their service. 

You will then be charged the appropriate monthly fee for the service plan you chose approximately 30 days after the initial one-time fee is paid. 

Their service is on a month-to-month basis, and clients can cancel the services at any time with no penalties. However, there will be a final charge for whatever services were performed between the last payment and cancellation. 

Pros & Cons 

As with all services, Lexington Law Firm has pros and cons to consider. 


  • They have over 26 years of experience, meaning they know the ins and outs, have weathered all of the changes to how credit works, and have served truly millions of individuals 
  • They are lawyers and legal experts – they know consumer protection law thoroughly and not only know how to use this to repair your credit very effectively, but also how to do it legally so that you do not end up in further trouble
  • Their higher level plans not only provide repair but coaching as well so that you can understand your credit better and know how to improve it and handle it better in future


  • They are a vastly large firm servicing the entire country, which while speaking to their expertise and experience, may mean you are just another number on their radar; however, considering their customer reviews and ratings, this may not be too big of a problem 
  • Considering that their basic plan offers less than half of their mid-grade plan, it may seem a bit expensive. To get your money’s worth, it makes most sense to commit to one of the higher plans, which, if you are in more serious trouble with credit and finances, may be a bit tougher to swing; however, the benefits of the other plans will certainly help turn your whole situation around. Review For better or worse, there is very little that matters more to our financial stability and goals as our credit score. 

Bad credit can make securing a loan for a home or a car difficult to impossible, and leave us chained to exorbitant interest rates that will continue making financial health impossible. It can literally prevent you from moving on with life and living it to the fullest. 

The good news is that, if you are struggling with bad credit, you may be able to repair it through a credit repair service. There are many services to choose from, each with their own unique angle and methods. 

One option to consider which has gained popularity is

Who are they’s stated mission is to focus not just on the short-term repair of your credit by removal of negative charges. Instead, their goal is to assist you with long-term credit health. 

They aspire to help their clients understand the behaviors behind their credit score, and ultimately help them achieve long-lasting lifestyle changes that will keep your credit healthy and help you achieve your financial goals. 

Their team of credit experts knows the credit industry, the rules that govern creditors and bureaus, and how to communicate with them to ensure fair and accurate credit reports. While they do have a few physical office locations across the country, they operate more as an online service. Their advisors communicate with clients via phone, text, email, and internet. 

Their services offers holistic credit repair and improvement services. When you sign up with them, they will:
  • Check your credit reports thoroughly, and work with you to identify items that may need to be changed or challenged. From there, they build a strategy. 
  • Challenge your creditors to ensure your dealings with them are fairly and accurately represented.
  • Communicate with the credit bureaus after clearing up concerns with your creditors to make sure the appropriate changes and removals have been made 
  • Assist you with a variety of tools with tracking your credit score’s progress, learning other methods to improve your credit score and maintain healthy credit, and achieving your overall financial goals
Their statistics of their average results demonstrate that clients experience removal of approximately 7% of the questionable, negative items on their credit reports per month. They also attest that numerous members have seen their TransUnion credit scores gain an average of 40 points during just 4 months of membership. does acknowledge that every case is different, and assures prospective clients that this is why they work with each individual to draw up a unique, customized plan that will best serve them. 

When working with, they do offer a number of free services that they provide to all clients:
  • Free personalized consultation 
  • Free credit report summary 
  • Free audit on all of your accounts 
  • Free evaluation and prescribed solutions 

In addition, once you to become a member, they provide you with a number of tools to help track your progress, stay up to date on credit activity, and improve your financial management overall. 

These tools include:
  • Online dashboard for managing your whole profile
  • Credit score tracker and analysis 
  • Mobile apps for your smartphone and tablet
  • Text and email alerts 
  • 24/7 credit monitoring 

Their cost offers one flat plan for all of their services. 
Once you receive your free consultation and report summary, should you choose to work with them, you will first pay a $14.99 one-time fee for them to pull your credit reports. 
After that, their full services listed above, which they have called their “Proven Online System,” costs a flat $99.95 per month. strives to keep things simple and up front by having one system in place for all of their clients. They offer all of their services, including educational and coaching services to help you improve your financial habits and maintain healthy credit long-term, at that one monthly price. 

Pros & Cons offers a holistic approach to repairing and improving credit. Rather than just treating symptoms (bad credit), they also strive to treat and fix the behaviors that produce those symptoms. 

So, while they will absolutely go after negative items unfairly placed on your credit report and help improve your score through those legal methods, they will also provide you with the means to learn how to better understand and manage your credit and finances moving forward. This enables their clients to not only achieve short-term credit relief, but long-term credit health and achievement of their financial goals.
As with all services, has its pros and its cons. 


  • Their service is easy to use and fairly self-guided. Everything you need to get going and monitor your case is right there on their website and their member dashboard. 
  • Their service process is simple. There is one flat plan and you will get their fullest, best service on that plan. They do not force you to choose between an extremely limited plan that is affordable but lacks what you need, and a very thorough plan that more than what you need for a much harder to live with price. 
  • Their service has a holistic approach. It has been said multiple times, and it truly is one of their best qualities. 
  • If you need credit repair, there is almost definitely a bigger issue at hand than just a currently bad credit score – there are behaviors and a lack of understanding that need to be corrected so that you do not continue to fall into this trap. 
  • claims to help their clients with these issues as well. 


  • Their easy to use online system does hide those behind the service. As a prospective client, it can be a bit hard to find out who you will be working with, what their credentials are, and what kind of personal attention you can expect.
  • However, receives good ratings, partners with the three major credit bureaus, and is trusted by some of the financial industry’s biggest companies, all of which suggest a trustworthy, legitimate, and excellent service. 
  • Their one credit repair system, while keeping your choices simple and less costly does also limit your options. However, since they provide their full services at that price, you have access to likely everything you need. 

The Credit Pros Review

The Credit ProsYour credit is crucial to your financial success. It is a factor that can separate you from finally landing your dream apartment. With so many companies boasting their ability to fix your credit scores, it can be difficult to figure out which one is best. The Credit Pros is an honest company that has maintained their popular status and continually uphold very positive reviews. If you’re new to the credit game, holding on with a bad score, or just looking to improve your knowledge, read on to explore our researched review of The Credit Pros. 

The importance of good credit 

Our economy revolves around good credit. Without a stable line of credit, you can kiss your chances of securing loans, mortgage assistance or other financial strategies goodbye. This worsens if you are single, a student or trying to keep a family afloat. Even though we all like to say numbers do not define our lives, that 3-digit credit score has weight in our lives. Once the score has gone sour though, it can be hard to revive unassisted. The Credit Pros, however, have a useful array of services and heavily trained staff to give a helping hand. 

True professionalism 

Creditworthiness can be hard to define as a person with no financial background or formal training. Credit is an interesting beast that is frustrating to figure out on your own. The Credit Pros have a team of educated staff members that can be contacted three separate ways for assistance. Many competitors push their kindly customer service as a reason to switch to their firm, but often kind does not equate to knowledgeable. 

The Credit Pros seem to be truly confident in their staff. To the point that each member of their team has a blurb on their website. If you’re curious as to who you will be working with, or are shopping around to find a long term advice source, you’ll be able to do that at their site. Their team is reviewed to exhibit patience, understanding, and grit when it comes to even the most challenging credit situations. They treat your goals, like their own. 

Credit Pro's accessibility

This company is based in the city of Newark, NJ, which places them in a convenient location for those on the go. Their store location isn’t the only way to reach them either. We’ve reviewed them as a company with some of the best hours. They are reachable by telephone from 9am to 8pm which allows more accessibility than so many other credit companies. Even better, their team of professionals can be reached by email at any time. 

Credit Pro's credentials 

This company has racked up a great reputation over years of arduous work. They’ve been noticed by Inc. Magazine a few times already and hold many other honors, here are some of them:  
  • Noted as one of the 5,000 fastest growing businesses in America, 2 years in a row. 
  • Rated with an A+ by the BBB. 
  • Mentioned as one of the best places to work in a top 50 list for America. 

Credit Pro’s services 

This company’s mission statement to hold excellence above all competitors is upheld in all their services: 
  • They provide the tools to help you avoid poor credit in the future. 
  • Help to best educate you on the credit score system so you can navigate more confidently. 
  • They work hard to reinforce the rights given to you as an American. 
  • Help you set reachable, realistic credit score goals that fit your lifestyle. 
  • They’re the best hub for honest, practical credit advice whenever it’s needed. 
  • Assist in deleting erroneous damage to your credit to improve the score. 
Other than these standard services, this company separates itself from the competitors by offering more one on one attention than the others. It can be easy to disassociate when dealing with finances, so this careful attention towards clients is a superior quality of this company. 

No “Textbook Talk” 

Another positive aspect of this credit repair company is their true knowledge within the realm of financial literacy. Their client’s reviews reflect that their team can apply their skills. Many credit companies prioritize profit but The Credit Pros have maintained a reputation for using their fluent financial literacy to truthfully assist. 

Instead of using their education to recite confusing textbook definitions and expecting you to understand, this team is with you each step of the way so you’re prepared for life. Instead of giving you the fish, this company is more concerned with teaching you the technique. This is a massive benefit to your financial lifeline. 

How do you get started?

Working with credit companies is normally a doozy but The Credit Pros encourage an open channel of communication from the start. You can reach them by email to inquire at first if you’re unsure and they can answer any questions or comments. However, if you’re looking to experience that one on one attention that this company is known for, you may want to visit them at their in-store location in Newark. 

However, if you’re on the go and can’t quite make it to their storefront, they hold great phone hours from 9am to 8pm.  After they’ve assessed your needs, they’ll pair you up with a professional from their team who will assist you with getting back on track to good financial standing. 

Why choose The Credit Pros? 

Overall, this company has many benefits that competitors don’t have. Their staff is one of the most notable advantages that they hold over the others. They provide an extremely well versed and trained team that handle credit repair and all the bells and whistles that go with it. In a more efficient summation, here are the most notable benefits: 


  • A maintained reputation of success. 
  • A team that cares and knows how to navigate the credit realm incredibly confidently. 
  • Advances credit scores through review, analysis and finally action which allows more concrete improvement. 
  • Treat your goals like their own. 
  • Provide extra education regarding financial literacy to improve your chances of maintaining an excellent credit score. 
  • Convenient location in the hub of Newark, NJ. 

Handling credit damages and issues by yourself is a serious challenge. It is always best to involve professionals, for the good of your credit score and your financial future. The Credit Pros have proven themselves to be one of the best credit repair firms and a formidable candidate against competitors. 

Pyramid Credit Repair Review

Pyramid Credit RepairWith over 254 dedicated team members on board and a support clock topping nearly 7,000 hours, Pyramid Credit Repair has made its mark as a successful credit repair company. Their fuel? Nearly 73,000 cups of coffee and gritty determination. This company began humbly in a cigar lounge; a brainchild of two men on a night out in 2010. 

Within the next 3 years, software and product development began and hurdled them towards their beginnings. By 2013, they had opened headquarters in the U.S and began testing. In 2015, they unveiled Pyramid and established an innovative culture within their company. Since then, they have gained status as an industry leader and continue to grow significantly as a company. 

Pyramid’s services

This company’s services are organized a little differently than other credit firms. They function monthly for services based on payment and choice. They, of course, offer assistance with general credit repair, but they recommend and highly suggest sticking with a team that gets to know you and your financial habits. 

The monthly fee will depend on whether you are an individual or a couple signing up together. Once you are signed up you will have access to a personal dispute manager. This service allows you constant connection via email, text message, phone or online portal so that assistance is always easy to obtain. This individual works with you personally to get the best results.
 Another service they offer is their Custom Disputes. This provides assistance and real-time updates during disputes. They submit to creditors and credit bureaus with you. This company also offers a 24/7 access portal with their services to allow you an easy online interface to interact with your goals and tasks at hand. 

No contracts

Instead of requiring a minimum or maximum through contracts and unfair standards, Pyramid Credit Repair chooses to be contract free. They exhibit an understanding that life happens and that staying on for a year may not be beneficial to you. They offer everything on a monthly basis to allow more flexibility in your financial life. 

How do you get stated?  

This company makes it easier to get started on the journey to financial confidence than so many other companies. With only 3 effortless steps to begin, it’s no wonder why Pyramid is an industry leader. 

Step 1

Go to the list of services page on their website and choose between the couples and singles options they offer. Note that all bells and whistles are equal for both couples and singles. 

Step 2

In about 24 hours from the time you submit, your online portal and account will be ready. After you login for the first time, the assigned dispute manager will begin work immediately. This begins with assessment and creating a unique credit recovery plan that fits your needs. 

Step 3 

While the professionals handle the tidbits and details, you will receive a care package in the mail from Pyramid that contains information to send forward. This company is so confident in their services, they highly encourage passing the word on the family and friends. 

How much does it cost?

As a single individual, for $99 a month, with no contract, you will be able to utilize: 
  • 24/7 personal dashboard online to stay actively updated
  • Assisted submission to creditors and credit bureaus along with real-time updates on your status and progress. 
  • A personal dispute manager that’s accessible via text, phone, email and the online portal. 
As a couple, the price rises to $198 a month. Couples can utilize the same services listed above. Pyramid Credit Repair guarantees your money back if you’re unsatisfied and reminds all potential clients that this is a no contract deal. New customers even get a 50% discount on the first month. 

Can I expect results?

The short answer is yes. This company has an enormous success rate and even though their prices seem hefty, you get what you pay for. The access to a personal dispute manager is one of the top benefits of choosing to work with this firm. Many reviews from past and current clientele have attributed their financial confidence to the personal dispute manager. Working with the same individual since day one is largely beneficial as they get to know you and your habits. 

If you have questions regarding whether this firm is right for you, they encourage all questions and comments. They are reachable via various forms of social media including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, as well as by email and phone. They note that in about 45 to 60 days you will begin to see results and improvement. Pyramid moves faster with results than many other companies and promises nothing but confidentiality and professionalism during the process. 

Why choose Pyramid Credit Repair?

There are many reasons to choose a credit repair company. Your credit score determines so many aspects of your life including your eligibility for loans and your ability to purchase a new car or home. Navigating this sometimes-treacherous financial realm alone is challenging and can lead to more problems than you started with. Pyramid Credit Repair offers a chance to work with a dedicated financial manager, one on one, to help you reach a more stable state of affairs. 

Their monthly prices are reasonable and allow you more flexibility than competitors with binding contracts. Here is a better summation of their advantageous services: 
  • A personal financial manager accessible by email, text, phone and online portal. 
  • Access to an online portal that’s open 24/7 so you may stay up to date with all disputes and tasks. 
  • This online account is available less than 24 hours after signing up.
  • The process gets started in 3 simple steps.  
  • The ability to sign up as a couple or as an individual. 
  • No contracts! 
  • Guaranteed results for all situations within 45 - 60 days. 
  • Assists with outstanding and old debts. 
  • An educated and dedicated staff that treats your goals like their own.
  • Options for both singles and couples. 
Overall, the choice is always ultimately yours. You may have several companies your dancing between currently. This review may help you make this decision as Pyramid Credit Repair offers such a wide array of services for a pretty great price. It is the digital age after all so 24/7 online access is an incredibly positive advantage. Pyramid Credit suggests reaching out to them if you have any questions or comments about getting started on the journey to better credit.  

Credit Repair Questions & Answers

Credit Repair Questions & Answers

Is credit repair difficult? How quickly can I repair my credit?

If you choose to pursue the DIY credit repair path, you can find all the information you need on this website. I also understand tat some people don't have the time or would rather hire a trained professional for such an important task. If you choose the have a credit repair company perform your work, I suggest selecting one of the reputable credit repair companies which I have reviewed and make sure that you completely understand the terms of their services as well as the payment options. 

Due to the recent economic changes we are currently facing, have an excellent credit score is more important than ever. The world of finance has tightened its belt so to speak and many people are arriving at the conclusion that they really need to improve their credit rating. Whilst this is intimidating for many people, it's my goal to show you that this is some that that can be accomplished

Increasing your credit score is something that most of us would prefer not to even think about, but if you set your mind to it and follow my advice it does not have to be that difficult. If you think you will be in the market for any kind of loan in the next few months to a year, now is the time to take action and work on your credit score. All kinds of lenders from mortgage lenders, auto finance companies and credit card companies rely on your credit score to assess whether or not you are credit worth and how much interest they will charge you which is also based on your credit rating. 

I hope to encourage you to begin today on improving your credit rating. As you begin to see results this is something that will empower you to realize that you are in control of your financial future. 

How many credit bureaus are there?

There are many credit bureaus. Most are substations of the Giant Three or Main Credit Bureaus. These Main Bureaus supply the information to all the many substations through the U.S. The Main Bureaus are called Equifax located in Georgia, Trans Union located in Pennsylvania and Experian located in Texas.

Why do items remain on my credit report even after I paid them off?

Just because you pay a debt off does not mean the debt will be removed. Sometimes paying an account off can cause the account to appear more negative on a credit file. If you do not know where to pay a debt ask someone with experience before making a deal to pay off the debt. Just because you are trying to be honest and satisfy what you owe does not mean the creditor is going to do the same and in fact more times than not, paying a debt off does not get you any better rating. 

Can information be removed from my file even if it belongs to me? 

Any information on a credit report can be removed but it has to be removed due to a violating of some type written in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). To automatically think that all negative information can be magically removed from a credit file is takes a lot of research and knowledge to find the best way to get derogatory information removed from a credit file. There are many laws written to protect the consumer so anything that violates any of these rules will cause removal of any accounts including judgments, liens, collections, charged off / written off accounts and even late pays.

Why do all three bureaus list different information?

Your creditors do not have to report to any of these credit bureaus. This is an option that all creditors have. So they also do not have to report to all three credit bureaus and may only report to one or two bureaus and then there are those who report to all three. Most creditors you will be trying to get loans from, especially home and auto loans will put all three reports and this is why it is important that work is done to clean up all three bureaus reports. This is known as a tri merge credit report or 3 in 1 credit report. Even if you are not applying for a loan of this nature you can't guess which reports the other creditors will pull. They may use any of the three bureaus to check your credit. 

What is an inquiry and can it hurt my credit score?

An inquiry is an action that a creditor follows when you fill out an application for credit. In other words any time you apply for a credit card or any other type of loan and you sing on the dotted line, or if you apply for credit over the phone and give permission for them to check your will get at least one inquiry on one or all of your credit reports. Many consumers, especially those with less than perfect credit will apply about eight times more than a consumer with good credit because they get denied the credit they have applied for.  They assume the answer is to try another company. This usually is not the way to go as you end up getting many inquiries and getting turned down many times and this does "even though credit bureaus state inquiries are most of the time not negative" bring your credit scores down as much as 5 points per inquiry in some cases. The problem is not that inquiries are negative as a stand a lone item but inquiries mixed with other derogatory information causes the credit scores to drop very low even when you have good credit.  There have been creditors deny loans just because of inquiries.

Is bankruptcy an option to save my credit if I am struggling and getting farther into debt or would it cause a bigger problem?

Bankruptcy has saved thousands of consumers the heartbreak of being unable to buy anything on credit. Contrary to popular belief, bankruptcy is better, once the reports are cleaned up of the mess, than having a lot of charged off accounts  and even if they are paid charge offs. Bankruptcy mutes out all the negative debt so that it is unrated all the collections, charge offs and even judgments are not counting against the credit scores and only the bankruptcy becomes a negative and one negative is better than 20 negatives.  Some creditors will still not give you credit but in 90% of those who have filed a bankruptcy are able to obtain homes and cars and have fair credit scores immediately after the discharge of the bankruptcy if the reports are cleaned up.  

All my debts are fairly old is it possible to clean up the problems so my credit scores are higher?

Yes, any report can be cleaned up there are different methods for different problems but anyone who has had it with bad credit can get help. If everything can't be cleaned off then mediation will be done to get any open accounts closed so that the creditors see less risk in lending you money.

How longs does it take to clean up my credit reports?

Different companies tell you different things but from my experience (eight years with thousands of clients) I have found that most consumers fall into two categories: The three month to five month category and the six month to ten month category. Because the work involves tedious and frustrating issues that have to be dealt with by a third party it is much like an attorney getting up in front of a judge or jury, stating his case and then waiting for the judge or jury to make a decision.  If the first decision does not take care of all the problems you take it back to court or in this case back to the credit bureaus. Sometimes it could take several of these rounds of disputes to get the desired results so persistence and constant attention to the work is the key.  This is why credit repair companies excel at what consumers seem to not be able to accomplish. They do this day in and day out and they are geared up to take on the task every day.

Why do credit bureaus tell me that credit repair companies are illegal?

Credit bureaus do not really say this and they carefully word their message like this "If you think you have been taken by a credit repair organization please send us the name, address etc." Giving the consumer the impression that credit repair organizations are acting illegally.  There are many companies out there that are not following any of the guidelines set forth in the Credit Repair Organization Act, however, that does not mean they are all acting inappropriately. The companies I have reviewed are all licensed and bonded and we do follow every state and federal guideline. They also charge monthly so it would take a lot of work to extract money from a consumer when they are paying as they do the work for them.  This also is a more fair way of billing consumers since they are billing for what work is needed not a flat rate upfront which is a practice of many organizations.  Also watch those companies who are charging you by the accounts they have removed as there are three credit bureaus they are charging for all three bureau removals so if you have the items removed from all three reports it is three times what they are charging. Some companies have low rates but will charge you for each email or phone call you make. Make sure to check into hidden charges.

Why is credit so important? 

In today's society, unless you are a millionaire and can pay cash for everything, there will be times when you need a loan, even those who have a lot of money will finance their homes because the interest is a write off. Credit gives us what we want and need now and if your credit is bad you will feel embarrassed, less than adequate and most of all useless even if you make good money.  Bad credit has no boundaries we have people who should not even have bad credit reporting on their credit files and need help simply because of mistakes that have been made on their credit reports.  Merging another person into their credit files or a father and son getting each other credit even people who are in no way related to each other being merged together. There is a statistic that states one out of two credit files have mistakes. I have numbers that show one out of one credit files has mistakes and have not been updated properly. If you don't check your credit scores at least twice a year you could be surprised when you try to get a loan. Checking your credit reports keeps you informed of any problems when they happen and will save you thousands of dollars in interest rates.  Even one point of interest can cost you a lot of money so you should keep your reports clean and error free at all times.

What is the difference in me doing my own credit repair or hiring a company to do it for me? 

The differences are obvious. If you don't have the time or inclination to do the work yourself it is a convenience to have a company do it for you. This is not an easy job, it takes time, dedication and you must have a low frustration level along with determination and persistence.  Most consumers do not have these qualities. If you do have the qualities then self help is the least expensive way to go. You would spend a little more time getting the work done since you need to know what you can and cannot do, plus learn how to format disputes to each credit bureau after you learn how the read the credit reports. Truthfully most credit repair DIY self-help books available are purchased and the consumer has no more idea of what he is doing after buy the book then before he spent his hard earned money.

If I get married can my hurt hurt my new spouses credit? 

No, you are always an individual in the eyes of the credit bureaus. Getting married does not change this. The only credit that would end up shared are the items you purchase after you are married as joint accounts. In other words only credit you get together are added to each credit profile and if those accounts were to go bad then those would show bad on all the credit reports these accounts are reporting on. The perfect credit scenario is to get only accounts together that have to gotten together such as auto and home loans. Only add the other person as an authorized user to any accounts that you want to share as authorized user accounts remain only the responsibility of the sole cardholder. If any problems arise in the future only one of you need suffer bad credit while the other maintains good credit.

In today's credit driven word the most important thing a consumer can do is keep their credit reports in good condition. Without credit there are few things a person can do to avoid paying thousand's of dollars in interest or having to pay cash for everything they need. Since homes, cars and other necessities are not something most of us can pay cash for it is important to maintain good credit scores and good credit reports. If you do not have the time, patience, determination or knowledge to do the work yourself it can be a wise decision to hire a professional credit repair firm. 

Is it good to have no credit at all?

No, without any credit you will not get a credit score so in some instances no credit is as bad as bad credit. You give your creditors nothing to judge you by. The only way to get credit scores is by how you pay off your credit accounts off each month, each month you pay on time you get some score. If you have open credit and never use it this also is not helping you to gain credit score. Some people only use credit for one month and pay it off at the end and this is called establishing good credit. If you have too much credit with balances maxed out or close to the credit limits this can also cause you problems with debt to income issues and it can lower your credit scores. When making major purchases you should try and pay off as much of your debt as possible so your income level is sufficient and your scores are higher. You should do this three month in advance of your purchase as it could take this long for the creditors to update the accounts to show the new balances. Some creditors report every month, some every two months, some every three months and then there are the six month reporters so you must be sure the accounts will show your paid down amounts prior to apply for the loan.

Is there any "magic" when cleaning up credit reports?

No, only intelligence, knowledge and experience is the magic to cleaning up credit reports.  Being a good researcher and taking the time to do the work is all that is needed. No one has any magic fairy dust to throw on your reports no matter what they tell you. No one pays off employees of credit bureaus and no one has some sort of inner connection. This is all a bunch of hog wash. There is some luck to the process but that is not to be counted on.

How long does it take to see results on my credit reports?

The first set of updated reports show results of what has been deleted or improved even though the first results may not always be the only dispute needed it still improves the reports considerably and this is usually within the first 45 to 60 days. One item removed can improve your scores by several points and could mean the difference in 6% interest rate as opposed to 81/2%. When you are purchasing a home this is thousands of dollars worth of savings.

What are Better Business Bureau Credit Repair Companies?

Better Business BureauVarious credit repair agencies will more often than not look to obtain accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This provides potential clients with assurances that the credit repair service has met specific criteria and maintains internal compliance to specific standards set by the BBB. Companies that have met this criteria have undergone a rigorous evaluation and audit which is reviewed by the board of the BBB. An externally appointed committee may also conduct this review and the company will undergo a final round of approval (if deemed necessary) before being awarded the credential. 

Credit repair companies must meet (or exceed) the accreditation standard set for by the Better Business Bureau. This standard includes a provision that the company must make a commitment to resolving any disputes with clients in a timely manner. It is important to note that accreditation is not an endorsement by the BBB of the companies services. The company ratings on the BBB website should be viewed merely as a reflection of the professionalism and fairness in how each credit repair company delivered its services and managed complaints. 


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