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FCRA Section 609 Credit Repair Method

FCRA Section 609 Credit Repair Letter
To understand how the FCRA Section 609 credit repair method works, it is important to understand that the FCRA was written before the advent of the internet. As such, they require the credit reporting agencies to have physical copies of all documentation to support each account that is being reported on. This is a problem for these agencies as virtually all credit items added to your credit report these days are submitted electronically. This in turn, means that it is rare for any documents to be reviewed prior  to changes being made to your credit report.

Essentially, the credit reporting agencies just give all creditors the benefit of the doubt when new information IS added to your file. You can use this to your advantage by asking for hard-copy verification via Section 609 of the FCRA for virtually anything negative that is listed on your credit report. You simply need to use the following letter and not be deterred by any scare tactics that the credit reporting agencies will use to cover their tracks as they will try everything in their power to avoid having to tell you that they do
n't have the physical documentation.

Good CreditWith the following "609 letter", you will need to be sure to always include a copy of a photo identification as well as a copy of your social security card (also include your past residences for 5 years). This is due to the fact that the FCRA only requires the credit reporting agencies to respond to individuals in writing if they provide these details. Without it, your letters will simply be ignored. When disputing accounts, it is also important to never dispute more than 22 at one time. This is the magic number, anything more than that will cause you dispute to be considered frivolous. Additionally, you will want to ensure you hand label your envelopes as type envelopes will be opened far less often.

Section 609 Dispute Letter Template



(Credit Bureau Name) 


To Whom It May Concern: 

This letter is a formal complaint that you are reporting inaccurate and incomplete credit information. I am distressed that you have included the below information in my credit profile and have failed to maintain reasonable procedures in your operations to assure maximum possible accuracy in the credit reports you publish. 

Credit reporting laws ensure that bureaus report only 100% accurate credit information. Every step must be taken to assure the information reported is completely accurate and correct. The following information therefore needs to be re-investigated. I respectfully request to be provided proof that these inquiries were in fact authorized With an instrument bearing my signature, and for legitimate business purposes. Failing that the unauthorized inquiry must be deleted from the report as soon as 

(Accounts you wish to have removed from your report) 

Please delete this misleading information, and supply a corrected credit profile to all creditors who have received a copy within the last 6 months or the last 2 years for employment purposes. 

Additionally, please provide the name, address, and telephone number of each credit grantor or other subscriber. 

Under federal law, you have 30 days to complete your re- investigation. Be advised that the description of the procedure used to determine the accuracy and completeness of the information is hereby requested as well, to be provided within 15 days of the completion of your re-investigation. 





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